Monday, July 21, 2014


So, it's been a while since I posted.  Just enjoying the days of summer!  Last week we went to a splash park.  The kids loved it and the best part was that it was free!  It's nice to change things up.  Hopefully we can go back this week.

We went to my Aunt's pool this weekend.  Max and Claire were in the pool for over two hours!  They basically had the pool to themselves and loved every minute.  Max even went off the diving board multiple times.  I would catch him, then he would swim to the side!  After the first few he started doing air ninja kicks!

They ate up all the attention this weekend.  All of my mom's sisters were in town and showered them with attention.  Claire hung with all the women.  There's something about being the first grandkids!

Claire has started to play hair dresser.  She loves to fix my hair then take pics of it!

OH... They have finally started going to bed without me laying down with them.  This is HUGE!  There were some nights I would lay down with them for an hour before they fell asleep.  All thanks to my Mother-in-law for getting it started and giving me the push I needed!

They each have a folder and in the morning they put a sticker if they slept by themselves!  Stickers are gone and folder is full!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lucky 7

7 is a lucky number in the Fredrick house!  39 years ago, Justin, my best friend, my hubs, my baby daddy, my everything was born! 07.07.75.  We were married seven years ago on 07.07.07!

We celebrated this past week in Riveria Maya, Mexico - the same resort we went to on our honeymoon (just realized the room we stayed in ended in 7!)  This trip we shared with two other couples - the same two we went to Mexico with last summer!  Our four full days were amazing and so relaxing!  We were so lucky.  We had reserved a swim up suite at the main resort, but were upgraded to the casita suites.  This is exactly where we were on our honeymoon.  We pretty much spent our time at our swim up pool bar, the beach, eating and drinking.  The food there is AMAZING! Everything there is AMAZING!  I haven't uploaded pics from the big camera, but here are some from my phone.

Just arrived to Cancun!

relaxing by the pool

We did a 5k on July 4th!

The girls!

Our typical picture


Last day :(
I highly recommend El Dorado Royale!

7 years ago

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toes in the Sand

Two weeks ago we went to Holden Beach for the weekend to celebrate Father's Day and birthdays.
Max and Claire were so excited to play in the sand and they loved the waves!

Max has been getting the worst rashes when he plays at the beach.  We ended up putting his pj shorts on, hoping less sand would get in.
My neighbor gave me a tip yesterday.  She puts diaper cream that has a lot of zinc on her son's inner thighs.  Says it works like a charm! Any other tips?

They also got to try sparklers for the first time! Thanks, Aunt Darcy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Double Trouble

Twins = Double Trouble

Today has been one of the most challenging days I've had in a while.  The three's have not been kind to me.  While they are learning, exploring, growing and turning into little people that make me laugh everyday, they have also been giving me gray hair.

Yes, they are typical three year olds, but they feed off of each other big time.  They have started ganging up on me.  Today I let them play in the sprinkler and ended up knocking off an outside bath at the same time!  It was all fun and games until I said it was time to go inside.  Max took his soaking wet shorts and chucked them at my head then Claire picked up the sprinkler and pointed it to me then proceeded to run around the yard naked .  I finally got her dry and inside and went to catch Max.... somehow she got by me and ran around the yard again.  AHHHHHH  At this point I had had it.  I had no patience left.  It was nap time.  I sent Claire in her room to get underwear and something to sleep in. As I was walking back there, I noticed a wet floor.  She had peed all over her floor. (not to mention our cleaning lady came today).  She peed on the floor and she did it bc she was mad at me.  This is the second time she has done this. ARG!

Good thing she's cute!
Max had his share of tantrums today.  Most revolved around TV.  I have had to really limit how much tv he watches.  He is addicted and wants to watch Paw Patrol or Sofia the First all the time.  He has actually demanded it. Some days I feel like their butler... (yes, I know that I am the adult and can put a stop to this behavior)

Enough complaining... There is no greater joy than my two children!  They are double the love and fun!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where are the results?

So, our six week weight loss challenge ended Sunday.  (We had a six week challenge against another couple - highest percent lost, won)  I am so glad it is over.  Although we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it was stressful to always be thinking about the competition.  Justin did great! He lost about 8.5 lbs! The other couple lost about 10 lbs each - then there was me... +2.  really?  And as of yesterday, I am +5.  I'm having a hard time knowing that I am 10 lbs heavier than last summer.  I've tried all different types of exercise: HIIT, Interval, Cardio classes, spinning and recently, Pure Barre.
What gives?
Tomorrow is my last day of Pure Barre.  I have really enjoyed my two weeks.  It's hard as hell.  I think I have noticed some small changes.  I would like to continue, but think it will have to wait until after kids go back to school.

Last week they finished swim camp and have turned into big fish.  They want to be in the big pool all the time now and don't want to wear their puddle jumpers.  I usually let one take their's off and swim to me, while the other stays in their puddle jumpers.

This week they have been in Vacation Bible School.  They seem to be having a great time!  Actually, it's always a good time when their buddies are around!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pure Barre

A few months ago I bought a living social deal for Pure Barre.  I had heard all about it and what a great workout it was.  I needed to try.  I had no idea what I was getting into!  Very challenging and different from anything I have ever done.

The class is very fast paced that focuses on isometric movements in your arms, hips, core, thighs, and "seat".  While in position you start to shake from your muscles fatiguing.  It is crazy how much my legs shake...often making me laugh.  I still get confused with "tucking".  You hear, "press and tuck, press and squeeze, press and hold" over and over.

I'm hoping to see results by the end of next week! Even just a little more tone will be nice!  I don't know that I'll be able to keep up the classes bc they are ridiculously expensive!  We will see.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Having a big time!

I know this sounds silly, but I think one of the reasons I don't blog as much is because I hate coming up with a title and don't have a meaty subject.  I really need to post pics of my not so babies anymore!

Lately we have been at the pool almost every day!  Max and Claire are loving the water and have so much fun swimming and playing with their buddies.

Claire swimming UNDER water!

loving the big pool!
Tomorrow they start a swim camp!  I drop them off at the city pool, they play at the park, do crafts, have swim lessons, then have free swim.  They did this last year and loved it so much.  I'm hoping they will be swimming by themselves by the end of the week!!