Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's been way too long!

This weekend my best friend of 17 years came to visit.  She moved to Florida about seven years ago and I haven't seen her in four years.  Love her whole family so much!  She has a wonderful husband and three beautiful kids!  They are a bit older than ours, but they got along great!  They were only here for one night but it was like we never left off!

Claire, with her youngest, Madison (6)

Dylan, my Godson, holding baby Kate!

We each have three kiddos!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dress for dinner

Justin and I celebrated eight wonderful years of marriage on July 7th!  I always fail in the gift giving and lack creativity... until this year! A friend had mentioned a package you could purchase at The Proximity, a local hotel.  It was voted "World's best city hotels" in Travel and Leisure magazine back in 2013!  Anyway, the package is called Dress for Dinner and you check in at noon and "enjoy a romantic rendezvous that includes a bottle of wine, candied cashes, romantic music, bubble bath and turndown service in the loft king spa room".

 12-8 is a long time for child care!  We took the big kids to a local drop off service (that is awesome) from 12-4 and kept Kate with us, then Mom and Dad took all three for the rest of the time. Kate was awake the whole time so she chilled with Justin watching golf, and I headed to the pool to read and relax! It was heavenly!
turndown service

Bubble bath, good book and wine! 

It was a perfect day.  If we had just gotten a babysitter, we would have spent time doing yard work, cleaning, or doing our own things.  This allowed us to focus on each other and actually sit and relax. It is so nice not having anything to do!  We both agreed we need to do this again!

Monday, July 13, 2015

I hate titles

I don't have a title for this post.  I'm all over the place and at times feel like I'm running on Empty!

Our house is almost sold! Due diligence is over July 17th and we are supposed to close July 30th.  I am so sad to leave behind our house but ready to move on.  We are moved in the rental with just a few things left at Gracewood.  Our intentions were to move into rental and when our house sold, we would start building our dream house... well.... plans have changed.  Justin got a call from his company with an opportunity he couldn't turn down.  He started his new position last week.  The only thing is, is that is in another city.  It's only 70 miles away, but that is 70 miles away from my comfort, my parents, my support and amazing friend group.  It has taken me a while to come to terms with this.  For now he is commuting every day and we plan to move in January.  It's also a big move because we have to do extra research on the schools in the area.  Max and Claire will be starting kindergarten August 2016.  I went to college in Raleigh and have an aunt and uncle there and in my heart I know it will be ok -- just sad and stressed about moving.

I've been trying to focus my energy and attention on these crazy kids

Max and Claire are crazy and have more energy than I know what to do with.  Justin gave the ok to sign up for summer school!! Last week was their first week and they have three to go!  It gives me a break and one on one time with Kate. (Tues, Wed, Thrus 9-1).

Kate is amazing.  She is seriously the best baby ever.  We are so blessed.  She is a good sleeper and only cries when she is hungry or over tired.

She smiles and loves it when you stick your tongue out at her and often does it back!  Love her and those cheeks so much!

Justin just turned 40! and we celebrated our eight year anniversary!
8 years and 3 kids later!!
Max and Claire visited a friend's pool and passed the swim test so they could go off the diving board and slide!  So proud of their swim skills!

And that's life for right now! I don't anticipate it calming down, but am very much looking forward to our annual beach trip LBI!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kate ~ 2 Months

This past month has flown by.  We have officially moved into our rental house and, for the most part, are finished unpacking.  Kate still doesn't have a schedule, but we are working towards one.  When we are home, she has been taking a morning nap in her crib and the rest of the day just naps on the go.  Girlfriend can sleep! Today she took a 3 hr morning nap!

Friday was her two month appointment.  She is getting big!
Weight: 10 lbs 3.5 oz (23%)
Height: 22.5 in (53%)

She has grown 1.5 inches in a month!!  She is such a good baby.  She really only cries when she is hungry.  Breast feeding has been going great.  We finally have a good system down.  During the day she eats every 2-3 hours if eating by breast and 3-4 hours if by bottle.  Last night she had her longest stretch 10-4:15.  I kept watching her on the monitor thinking she would wake any minute!  Usually she only gets one bottle a day and it is her middle of the night feeding.
I prematurely took her first round of 2 month pics when she turned 8 weeks... and all of them are on cell phone, not my real camera.  I need to get on the ball!
More cell phone pics....

Claire loves being a big sister!

The Fredrick Five! ~ July 4th
Kate is super smiley and we are starting to get a little tiny laugh! It's the best sound!
She also does the cutest eyebrow raise when you do something silly!  That's probably my favorite thing she does!

We are so blessed with sweet baby Kate.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Fun

I can't believe we are almost in July! The past few weeks in North Carolina have been so hot.  We have spent a lot of time at the pool! Max and Claire had their first tennis lesson of the summer last Friday.  It is so cute to see all those little people playing tennis! We are hoping to keep the lessons going so they actually get something out of them!  Last year the coach gave them popsicles after.  This lesson, the first thing Claire asked me when they finished was why they didn't get popsicles this time!  Haha! Girlfriend has a good memory!

We got a visit from Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Darcy this weekend.  They love their grandparents so much and wished they lived closer.  It was a short trip, but enough time to ride in Grandma's convertible!

Today was a beautiful day so we showed them the pool we belong to.  Kate sported a new bathing suit!
Tomorrow the big kids start Vacation Bible School.  I'm hoping to finish unpacking - we have most of it finished, just a few small baskets/boxes need to be put away.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life Lately

This past week has been crazy busy for the Fredrick family.  We finally got an offer on our house and accepted!  We don't close until July 30th, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. My cousin, mom and I have been moving things by carloads over to the rental.  I have almost emptied the kitchen, linen closets, most of our closets, playroom, and pictures/frames.  We mostly have big items and things in the attic.  Originally we were going to hire movers to help, but somehow that has turned into Justin taking off work and renting a U-haul.  Hmmm.. that means just the two of us moving our house.  He has promised not to cuss and stay happy while moving big items -- we will see!

We have had record high temps this week and have tried to stay cool at the pool!  Even Miss Kate wore her bikini to stay cool!

Max and Claire have turned into big fish!  Their swimming skills have really improved.  Max has even started doing back flips in the water!

There have been a lot of snuggles with baby Kate!

Oh! How can I forget Claire's first dance recital?! She rocked her ballet and tap dances! We were so proud of her!

Her biggest fan brought her flowers!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Donor milk

Since day one with Kate, I have made a lot of milk... which was quite the opposite with Max and Claire.  I had to supplement with them the whole ten months I pumped.  Especially in the first two weeks with Kate, my let down was so strong I found myself feeding and pumping almost every two hours.  I quickly accumulated a nice stash for the freezer.  

Milk has taken over our freezer!
I probably have 80 freezer bags of milk - so much that I had to take most of it to the rental house freezer.  
Last Friday I got a call from a nurse that I had been talking to.  She had a new patient that had been panicking because she was already having to give her newborn daughter formula and was unable to find a local donor milk bank.  The nurse had remembered how much milk I had and called to see if I would be interested in donating my milk.  I have always thought milk sharing was weird and I personally wouldn't want to feed my baby someone else's milk. (just my opinion).  This patient is a pediatrician along with her husband so she knew the risks of donor milk.  I thought about this overnight and decided I would donate 20 bags of milk. (I still have around 60 bags).  The other patient called me and we set up a time the next day to meet.  She brought me a new box of freezer bags and I handed over my hard earned milk!  Although I do not plan on donating anymore of my milk, I am glad I could help another mom.
Really hoping it is good karma ;)