Sunday, April 17, 2016

Life Lately

Since I've been a total slacker when it comes to updating my blog...  here is a little bit of what we have been up to!

Fredirck 5 going to an Easter egg hung
Max, Claire and Kate have been doing swim lessons.  All love it! Kate has surprised me the most. She LOVES the water!

This summer is going to be very busy chasing around these three fish!

 Little Punkers is full of personality and has us laughing all the time! I can't believe she will be one in less than a month. :(  We are going to have a small first birthday with mostly family.  I'm doing a pink and gold theme that has a touch of sparkle!
Kate is finally sleeping through the night!  One night she woke up after two hours and I decided enough was enough and it was time to cry it out.  The first night was really hard, then she just fussed a little the next two nights.  So now she goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 5:30/6! It is early, but i feel more rested getting a complete night's sleep!

With the weather warming up, we are meeting more neighbors.  It still gets lonely and I still miss Greensboro.  Max and Claire have two little friends across the street that they love to play with.  If they see each other outside they immediately go get their bikes, chalk, basketball, you name it - and it's hard work getting them back in.

Our next two months are so busy.  This week we are going to a Jimmy Buffett concert! I've never been and don't know too many songs, but I'm looking forward to it!  THEN... THEN.... we are going to the Kentucky Derby!!! One of Justin's suppliers from work invited us!  We just got our itinerary and it looks like we are going to have a blast! (side note: I'm having a hard time leaving Kate that long.  It will be my first time away from her and it makes me sad.  We are leaving the day after her birthday.) The weekend after that is the Member Guest tournament at the club we go to and our good friends from Wilmington are coming!! Then in June we are going back home for another member guest!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kate ~ 11 months

Little punkers is 11 months! That means in less than a month (bc I procrastinate) she will be ONE.

She is full of energy and on the go all the time!  She has found the stairs and heads that way as often as she can ... and she is quick!

We finally decided it was time for her to be sleeping through the night.  Actually, I've wanted it for a looong time, but was finally tired enough to make it happen! It started when she woke up after only being asleep two hours and wanted to nurse.... NOPE. so she cried and cried for over an hour until i finally gave in.  Night two we both did better.  She woke up twice, but didn't fuss for long.  She made it until 6am! We have had two successful nights, and hope for more!

She claps, waves, plays peek-a-boo and does her #1 punkers hand raise all the time!  She loves to laugh and is genuinely a happy baby.  She says dada all day.  She has looked at Justin and said it, but she also says it all her conversations.  I think she says "bye bye" and sometimes it sounds like she is saying "all done".  She is starting to pick up on some sign language.  She signs "more" and "all done"

She loves food.  Some new favorites are: eggs, waffles, broccoli sticks (mix of potato and broccoli), oatmeal and apple slices.

She has four teeth and two side teeth coming in.
She is our little punky. She still wears mostly 6-9 month clothes.

She had her first swim lesson on April 2nd.  She LOVED it and did great!  She is signed up for three more!

I absolutely love every second I get with her.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kate ~ 10 Months

Out little punkers is 10 months (and 13 days)! She had her 9 month appointment yesterday so I have stats to add!
She may be tiny, but she is FULL of personality.  I absolutely love watching her grow and so sad the baby stage will be leaving soon.

I was starting to worry she was behind, but the a few days after worrying, she started clapping, waving, pulling up on things, and getting into EVERYthing! As we know, they will do things on their on time and when they are ready.  She has even found the stairs ~ yikes! She has made her way up two, before I get her down.  She loves to play in the pantry and make a mess and has recently discovered the lazy susan cabinet that I left open.  She pretty much likes to play with anything but her baby toys!

We are still working on that whole sleep thing! She is a great napper and does sleep at night, but still wakes up every 3-5 hrs.... which leads me to nursing her back to sleep.  I said we were going to sleep train once we moved, but that has yet to happen.  I haven't been ready.  However, with her first birthday fast approaching, I think it is time.  Plus, I would love to have a weekend getaway (much needed) with Justin and I'm not doing that until she will sleep through the night. << quite the incentive!

She loves food, mostly finger food, but will tolerate purees.  She likes to do things herself. Her favorites are cheese, pancakes, egg (yolk), puff things.  She likes to hold onto an apple slice and will eat most of it.  She has tried blueberries and strawberries, but i think they are too tart for her....they end up on the floor!  She usually eats what we have for dinner and does a good job!  She loves the 21 day fix meatloaf!! and Pizza crust is her fave!
I still breastfeed her 5-6 times a day and still have a freezer full of milk.

Max and Claire are a great big brother and sister.  Max makes her laugh all.the.time and is great at giving her space...Claire, loves to be touching her or picking her up 24/7, but is so sweet to her.

playing in my closet. loves to climb on this box and get into the laundry

#1 punkers. she raises her hand when you ask, "who is the #1 punkers?" It is the cutest thing ever!

Getting into the pantry
Her stats:
16 lbs (8%)
27.2 in (12%)
size 3 diapers
wears mostly 6-9 mo clothes

Friday, March 11, 2016

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Last week Claire and Justin went to their first (of many) Daddy/Daughter dances!  I let Claire pick out her dress and she was so excited and had been counting down to the actual day.  Thankfully, Aunt Darcy was in town and could help with hair!

The sweetest!
She picked out the perfect dress! Bonus: it was great for twirling!

She loves getting all dolled up.  She asked for eyelashes, so I let her put a little mascara on!


They ate a delicious dinner, had an ice cream buffet for dessert, and danced into the night! (was home by 9:30) Claire said her favorite part of the night was running in circles with the other little girls!

While Justin and Claire were at the dance, I let Max choose anywhere he wanted to go for dinner.  I had planned on getting a sitter for Kate, but then Aunt Darcy came up so the four of us went to Max's choice: Chickfila :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kate Lately!

I've been a slacker when it comes to blogging.  Kate turned 10 months (gasp!) on March 4th! I need to do her 10 month pics and post but she has a sinus/ear infection and her eyes are all gunky from the infection :(

She had her first sick appointment at the doctor.  I took her in for pink eye but he said it was a sinus infection that made it's way to her eyes and ears.  She is on meds for 10 days and will hopefully be better soon!

She did get weighed.  She is 16.5 lbs.  I'll be curious at her 9 month well baby (at 10 months) on the 16th, what her percentages are.  Claire was 18.5 lbs at 9 months and was in the 25 %.

Some first for Kate...

She is now pulling up on things, not yet walking around, but pulling up and standing on shorter things, i.e. laundry basket.

She has found the stairs....

She is waving and it is the cutest thing ever!

She clapped for the first time this morning (March 6th)

She gave me my first kiss! It was a perfect, open mouth baby kiss!! As soon as I gave Justin the phone to take a picture or video, she was done and ready for bed... figures!

I love watching her grow so much. She is just the most precious little punkers around!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


We have been in our new city, new house and new life now for six weeks.  It feels like a lot longer, but here we are at six weeks and I miss Greensboro so much.  Don't get me wrong,  I LOVE our house and neighborhood and LOVE having Justin home more, but I miss our "easy" life back home.  I miss my mom.  I miss all my besties. I miss Max and Claire's old school and their besties.  I miss the convenience of life there, knowing where everything is and how to get to where I was going.  I just miss it all.... well except for that stupid rental we were in!
I have good and bad days here.  The cold, rainy weather isn't helping.  I still haven't made any friends.  We did have a family over for super bowl and that was nice.  The wife was very nice, but we haven't met up since.  I suppose I could make the call.  I really want to play tennis - think I'll meet some other moms that way, but I have no childcare for Kate.  In Greensboro,  the church prek programs and MMO start at 3 months.  Here, most are one year - two years before they can start.  We have night time babysitters (that we love) but have not been able to find a daytime babysitter.  IDK where I'm going with all this, but I guess we will figure it out!

Having a park within walking distance is nice and the kids love it! Hurry up, Spring!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kate ~ 9 months

Two weeks late posting, but I actually took her pics on the 4th!  Little punkers is nine months.  She is so much fun and we are loving every minute with her.  She is on the move all the time.  I actually had to start baby proofing - something I never had to do with Max and Claire.  She goes straight for outlets and vent covers!  We finally got a rug for our family room so she spends more time on the floor with a lot more freedom.

She did not want her picture taken this month! All pics I have are either blurry or of her with a bunch of things to hold or to "occupy" her.

She is starting to follow some commands.  If you tell her "no" or say her name when she is getting into something, she just looks at you and smiles.  She can wave, but only does it when she wants too and it's the cute backwards wave.

She is a good eater.  She eats all the baby food I give her and has eaten all the big people food as well.  Last night she gobbled up green beans at dinner and had quite a bit of a quesadilla I made with cheese and hummus!

She's still a little peanut.  I look forward to her 9 month appointment to see how much she has grown. I got on the scale with her the other day and I think she is only 15 lbs! 15 lbs of pure sweetness!
Still working on sleeping through the night. Some nights she goes to bed at 7pm and will go until 2ish, but other nights, she is up at 11, 2, 5/6.  I am still breastfeeding and so happy it has gone so well with us.  I love nursing her to sleep every night and will be sad when that day comes to an end.
She has her two bottom teeth, but I have a feeling those top two aren't far behind.

She babbles a lot, mostly adadadada, still waiting for mama!  Max can get her laughing like no other, especially when we are in the car.  Claire adores her and wants to be with her 24/7. She will be a great mom one day.

Clothes: can still wear 3-6 month pants! I did go shopping yesterday for some 9 month pjs
Diaper: size 3

Our favorite thing she does right now is raise one or both hands when we say, "who in the number one punkers?!" She smiles big and raises her hands! (I started calling her punky/punkers around halloween when I was calling her pumpkin and it switched to punkers)

"who is the number one punkers?"